Friday, May 21, 2010

Frances May

 After trying on a pair yesterday, I decided to get a pair of No. 6 clogs. I liked the t-straps best in penguin, although the gold in their lookbook was also striking.

Before I custom ordered, I followed Jennifer's suggestion and checked out the Frances May sale (20% off with FMTURNS2). They had the t-straps in 41 in red, and with the discount and shipping, I saved about $60. Much as I liked the penguin, I also like their three strap style (shown in the lookbook in that very color), so if these work, that will likely be a future purchase. I love the way they are styled with socks and can see that being a great fall--or cooler summer day--look.

So, here they are. I think these will work well into the fall.

If anybody else gets clogs or other items from FM, let me know about your finds in the comments.


Marti said...

Moya I LOVE those. I liked the dreen as well, but there is nothing more versatile than a red shoe - I always wear them like they are black. I stopped by Frances May yesterday and am salivating over the rachel comey wedges ($400 and not in my size)

christina said...

Swoon! With the wood platform, are they heavy at all? I'm also looking for clogs to wear year round but not familiar with the fit and comfort level of No 6 and Rachel Comey.
Please let us know how they work out and whether or not you can walk around in them all day.
ps-did you get the laila?

Moya said...

I missed out on the Laila, alas. Eva Gentry had a 25% off party the night before and someone pipped me to the post. Thanks for letting me know about it, Christina. I hope one turns up again.

The No. 6 clogs are lightweight--I was worried about the heaviness myself but when I tried them on, I realized they were eminently wearable and the kind of shoes you can wear all day. No. 6 also allow you to customize tops and bottoms if you need to. I have wide feet so I went up a size, but I've heard the leather wears in beautifully and gets softer with age.