Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Some Pictures

Having uploaded my photos, I thought I'd share a few from the first part of my trip. Here they are.

Here's Dad in the garden this afternoon. We've been having pretty perfect weather--70s, sunny, warm and little humidity. Here's some from Glasgow.

Not a very good picture--I took this one near the conference after a very long train journey and a rather short night's sleep.

Here's some Charles Rennie Macintosh ironwork at one of his buildings off Princes Street, now turned into a rather small, semi-upmarket and pretty shopping mall. They had a Cos--the upmarket H&M--which had some lovely things but I am on a vow of austerity and refused to buy.

Some of the lovely scenery from Glasgow's West End, the University's neighbourhood.

Breakfast for one at the beautiful Palace of Solitude in London. As you can see, I ate it all up (wholewheat toast, green tea and an organic orange).

I think this young pig would have eaten breakfast for me if I'd let him. He lives in the Imperial War Museum.

And here's my great-grandfather's listing as one of the victims of the Blitz in the same Museum. The house imploded when a bomb was dropped on it--I remember my grandmother telling me about it but it was only years later I realised that the story was real.

Here's Mollie, my brother and sister-in-law's cat. She's fluffy, pretty and super aggressive. Don't let that furry face fool you--she's an attack cat who will rip a hole in your skin if you try to touch her.

My dad's birthday--my brother had us around for dinner. It was in the 80s and sunny so we ate outside. It was a perfect day with the most lovely people.

Here's what I wore that day--my current favourite Rachel Comey dress and my Surface to Air strappy wedges.

And here's a scene from their garden. More to follow.


Brittan said...

sounds like a great time! i would have loved to go to that conference and seen glasgow's west end.

those shoes are amazing, as is the no-nonsense face on that cat. so glad you had a wonderful trip.

Cheryl said...

Oh my! Mollie looks like a serious one. I love your outfit! You look amazing! The RC dress is beautiful and I am completely in love with your wedges.

lorochills said...

your RC dress is do pretty again the backdrop...looks like a gorgeous time!!!

Moya said...

Thank you! I'm having a good time--a mix of work and rest which is really nice.

We will do Screen next year, Brittan. And you have to contact the Curzon cinema scholar.

Mollie is a little crazy--she takes no prisoners and is a real little bruiser. She's not the cuddle bunny she appears to be.

I love those wedges (and the dress)--they are so comfortable and they make them ever year so there are always pairs that go on sale.