Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Pictures

I'm having another great, relaxing day with the folks. Shopping in the morning (Mum and Dad, not me), coffee then lunch out, followed by a brief drive out into the country and now we're back sitting in the sun. I could get used to this--tomorrow, I'll meet with friends and do some work. Interesting things are going on with the press, with phone hacking, and issues of privacy/freedom of speech right now, as well as questions of media ownership as Murdoch is at the heart of it all.

Nothing like blogging in the garden, in the sun, while listening to Radio 4.

Here's Mum doing one of her favourite things--gardening (talking and laughing are also up there).

Poppies! Lots of them!

The Vyne--from day 3 of the holiday and my National Trust jaunt with Sue.

And some flowers from their garden.

Vyne hens.

And these are their names.

Home. Where I am right now.


Amanda said...

Moya, all the pictures look so lovely. It really makes me want to spend my honeymoon in a cottage somewhere on the Scottish isles. Your pictures and the promise of whisky tasting...

swinny said...


christina said...

Beautiful photos-thanks for sharing! What a lovely place to call home. The poppies are breathtaking. I definitely wouldn't want to leave.