Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another Dress

That is, another dress that doesn't really fit me any more. This morning I decided to wear my blue cotton JM dress to lunch with my friend Diane. She lives in Ireland and I don't get to see enough of her so I wanted to wear something nice. Only the dress that was a little large on me a year ago is a little too snug today. Earlier this week, an old summer stalwart--a white woven cotton DVF sample--was a little tight (again, it was always on the loose side).

So, I'm contemplating the Dukan Diet. First, I'm going to try to up the amount of salads and veg in my diet, especially as it is summer. I'm going to try to eat more fish and follow the mantra of filling up on vegetables. My friend Brittan makes it look easy (and yummy). But if that doesn't work (bear in mind I am taking a minimum of two zumba, one boot camp class that includes dance and two pilates classes a week), I'm going to have to look at some kind of actual diet plan for the first time in my life.

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