Friday, April 23, 2010

Project Runway Finale

I just watched last night's Project Runway finale (while recording it to DVD to send to my friend Jane in Germany). I was sorely underwhelmed by all three finalists--Mila should never have been there (arguaby never belonged on the show with her Talbots-does-Maria Cornejo aesthetic), Seth Aaron's designs looked straight out of a bad taste 80s retro, over-influenced by whoever actually designs Gwen Stefani's Lamb line (snore) and Emilio's looked like Michael Kors. All were boring, dated and derivative. Emilio was the biggest disappointment as he had shown some originality, made some pretty dresses and had a way with prints which he jettisoned completely. I'd seen this season as between him and Jay (who had the best collection, albeit with flaws), but producers clearly wanted Seth Aaron and Mila there for reasons that mystify me. It's no secret that there are many more talented designers out there than the market can withstand. I'd like to see them showcase more design, more sewing--as well as sharpen the casting. Judging by the responses in the blogosphere, I sense PR won't last much longer unless they return to their roots.


jennifer said...

It was quite a disappointing finale. None of the designers in the last couple seasons have excited me, except for Anthony, but more for his personality than his work.

I was also extremely disturbed by the fact that Seth Aaron said that his collection was inspired by the 1940s German and Russian military. I just don't really know if it is ever ok to draw inspiration from groups of people responsible for genocide.

Moya said...

I totally agree. Anthony should have his own show--he's the breakout personality of S7 and seems like a really nice, deserving guy.

I was also disturbed by the German-Russian military inspiration and the fact that nobody commented on it (on the show or any of the blogs). I know that people don't study history any more but that's a red flag (cross-cultural reference not intended). I'm also sick of military inspiration--it has been done to death (and it was the inspiration for Irina's ugly Eurotrash collection). But to celebrate anything associated with Hitler and Stalin seems pretty hard to swallow.

Marti said...

agh. i so havent watched yet... will give you my feedback tonight

joyce said...

Ever since the show moved to Lifetime I think it's decline has moved into warp speed. I was not all invested in who won or lost the finale, though I did love Anthony's personality and was sad to see him go. Everyone else was either wooden or a caricature.

And yes, "1940s German and Russian military"?? WTF?