Saturday, April 10, 2010


I have pretty large fingers with pretty small nails--not the most elegant features. When I first met Evan, I noticed what beautiful hands he has--perfect oval nails, long, graceful fingers. I've inherited my stocky paws from my mother (my father also has nice hands). Not wanting to draw more attention to them, I generally don't wear any rings (and I can't get many over my large knuckles).

Cindy introduced me to the joys of artisan and costume jewelry (I used to just wear earrings--when I remembered). As my interest grew, I started to rethink the ring dilemma. If I picked more proportional pieces, maybe I could pull it off? So, over the past few weeks, I've started building a very small collection of rings, dipping into the ebay vintage options as well as J. Crew's sale. Here, then, are my three rings, in order of purchase:

This beauty is from J.Crew's sale table--it's even cheaper now (I paid $29.99). I debuted it at the SCMS conference to several compliments. I wanted the earring version but they were just a tad too heavy for my ears.

I found this one on ebay. It's 10K gold and supposedly the pink sapphire is real (although I imagine it is man made). Nonetheless, it is pretty and maybe even a mite too big:

I got this one yesterday in J.Crew. I wanted the larger Duchess stone but it was way too large on. Like Goldilock's porridge, this one was just right. At $19.99, the price was perfect too.


joyce said...

lovely, moya! the top one j.crew is my favorite -- so very 60s cocktail party.

i have a few vintage rings my mother has given me, but i haven't felt really comfortable wearing them. your post has inspired me to try one out soon.

erica said...

i've been inching away from rings lately. i can barely bother to put on a plain gold band most days, but these make me want to have some fun with jewelry again.

my fingers are short and stout, which has also made me envious of those with pretty hands (like my mom).

Marti said...

i love those rings. Especially the first one!

吳柏廷 said...
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