Sunday, April 25, 2010

Zac Posen for Target

I'm pleased I went to the Target pop up shop a couple of weeks ago even though it was so heavily picked over. Looking at what was left allowed me to get some sense of sizing (very small with the exception of the brocade dress which seemed to run a little big) and the quality of the items. Having felt the polyester used for the tape skirt which I thought was a brushed cotton/washed silk blend), I was also prepared to get the dress this morning.

Last night, I went to and reloaded the page after midnight. Evidently they don't make the stock available until deep in the night/early in the morning as nothing was listed by the time I went to bed sometime after 1 am. I got up reasonably early this morning to go to a baby shower, checked and discovered much of the stock had already sold out! I have never ordered anything from Target online before but even Liberty seemed to be available for longer than this line. Fortunately I got the tape dress, but only in an XL as that was all that was left. I'm sure it will be too big--I am probably a L--but it's better than finding only S and XS in stock. The other dress I was interested in--the tiger print sailor dress had sold out too, and my other possibility--the pink polka dot print dress was available in a full run. I pondered getting the latter, but decided to be cautious. It's a good job I'm not regretting it, because that one has gone too. I did order the reissue of the cotton nightie I wanted from the Liberty collaboration (free shipping with the snap tab dress) but neither will ship until mid June. Hopefully I'll be billed later (I ordered through my amazon account).

There is a Target near me but it's always horribly picked over--indeed, all the NYC Targets have empty shelves and spotty merchandise. One friend returned two of the Liberty pillows her mother had bought for her in Michigan (where the stock was abundant) to the Queens Center store and was quickly accosted by two women in the parking lot who wanted to buy them from her for at least twice the price. I don't know why Target's inventory is distributed so bizarrely. I'm sure the tab dress, tiger print dress and others are widely available in many Targets where demand is lower, but maybe this is all deliberate, to create a sense of scarcity.


Marti said...

Moya- They had SO MUCH Zac at the Target I went to. I only bought the Brocade dress. I did try the snap dress in a large and I think that it was slightly big for me (but smaller would have been shorter). They had the tiger lilly print sailor dress but I was too stressed to try it on. I find that I go a bit too wild when these collabs come out and i buy then am stuck with something i won't wear....let me know if you want me to hit the airport target before I come to town - I can see if they still have the snap dress in a Large.

Moya said...

Thank you! That would be great. I know I can return the one I ordered if it doesn't fit--I probably need the L.