Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hanging In

I'm trying to get my book in to my publishers tomorrow, having missed the Friday deadline due to a trip out of town for Passover (Evan's family) and a chapter that has never been up to par. I'm doubting I'll get much sleep tonight, if any, but hopefully I'll be out of this fog/fug and back into life soon. I have another chapter to write and had to pass on the article but if I get these two accomplished by the end of the semester I'll be happy. The book HAS to be in tomorrow. And that trumps bed and dressing in anything other than my version of sweats right now (nightie, socks and sweater). I've not been to pilates in a month and am fat and out of shape but the book is priority #1 right now. I'll have to prep my grad class tomorrow afternoon.

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