Sunday, April 15, 2012

Digging out of a big hole

My book may be in, but I'm now looking at the damage to other aspects of my life. Or rather, the backlog of issues I have to work through. To get the book out, I had to neglect other things: grading, writing assignments, email correspondence (personal and professional), my taxes, this blog, the gym. I'm teaching tomorrow and my students are not happy at waiting four weeks and won't wait for another week so I'm racing against the clock to finish both graduate and undergraduate grading (the grads are done but the undergrad class is not and it meets at 9 am). I teach 12 hours tomorrow and 8 on Tuesday but have to fit my taxes in sometime in between. I've sorted out the deductions, found my W2s and am ready to fire up turbo tax tomorrow night. As for the writing assignments, I finally put them up this weekend--two weeks late--complete with extensions. As for personal and professional correspondence, I'll have to start cracking that tomorrow. I am worried as I missed the acceptance deadline for a conference I go to in Scotland and am praying that they'll still let me present. I'm glad the book is in but such are the sacrifices we have to make in this profession. Now I hope I sent my editor the correct versions of each chapter.... And now back to work.

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