Sunday, February 7, 2010

So Much for Economizing...

I rationalize this splurge because it is one of the pieces I've had my eye on all season. I feel the cold so I do wear jackets most items, save shoes, boots, sandals and cardigans. It's also very pretty but not too sweet.

I was very lucky and was able to pick it up from Lyell the day before their sample sale started as they had already marked down the new stock--just a stroke of shopping luck.  I'll report on the sample sale later today after I've finished writing my Japanese Horror film lecture, and write about my fun time with Marti, something she's already blogged about. But for now, suffice to say, I didn't find anything. Most of my covets were not going in the sale, had previously sold out in my size or were still way too pricey. Much as I like the matching tweed shorts, I don't really think I'd get enough wear out of them to justify the $100 sample sale price.

So my pants are on their way, I have some Jeffrey Monteiro finds and now the Lyell peacoat. Notwithstanding the Mayle drought, I do at least have some nice new finds.


joyce said...

beautiful jacket, moya! i was at lyell last weekend and admired that piece. did you see the tamara coat at the sale? i'd love to know your opinion re. fabric, cut, etc.

wythe said...

joyce, they had the tamara coat for $260. I managed to find one of the last black ones in my size (4), but now am uncertain whether it works with my wardrobe. the fabric is a lovely wool/cashmere though. did you pick anything up at the sale?

moya, perhaps I just missed you at the sale (I was there around 11:30ish).


joyce said...

hi karen -- no, i couldn't make it in person (i live out of state). do you think the coat is too long? i really can't tell from the photos on the website. i think i'm more interested in the camel color. i have too much black in my wardrobe already!

Moya said...

I think they may still have the camel color left, Joyce. I got to the sale at 11.15 and there wasn't much left. People didn't seem to want to spend $260 on coats or $140 on current season sleeveless cardigans, so I suspect those still remain.

I'd call the store tomorrow and see if they have any left. I love the fabric and the cut is very nice, but I don't need any more coats. I didn't think the coat was too long but I am tall. It was certainly above my knee.

Karen--I must have just missed you! I left at 11.30-ish after realizing there was nothing there I didn't already own and what little I'd want was way too small for me.

wythe said...

joyce, I don't think the coat is too long (on my 5'5" frame it hits right around my knee). the A-line shape, bracelet sleeves, and scallop collar are all really nice touches (that one would expect from lyell pieces). I'm just wondering whether I should hang on to it as I honestly need a warmer winter coat than this one. I'm not sure what your size is, but if they don't have any of the camel color left and you are a size 4 (pretty true to size), I'd be interested in selling mine to another lyell fan. or if you know anyone else who might be interested (I can never part with things like this one ebay).

moya, can't believe I just missed you at the sale! maybe next time around? also, if you hear of anyone interested in the black tamara in a size 4, please let me know.

have a good day ladies