Friday, January 22, 2010


During my Hollywood Up to 1960 class yesterday, we were discussing Orientalism, its influence on silent film and the representation of modern sexuality. One student asked about broader cultural practices, including the role of Orientalism in art. This reminded me of one of my favorite early photographers, Roger Fenton (I adore early photography). So I thought I'd share one of his orientalist pictures--he's better known, perhaps, for his more realistic work--war photography (the Crimean War), landscapes, images of churches, cathedrals and ruins. Apologies for the poor reproduction--the actual resolution is amazing--as it is in so much early photography. This reminds me that I want to talk to Caroline about her favorite pioneer photographers--maybe in conjunction with a visit to the Met, the ICP or some other gallery.

These landscapes are in a finer resolution, although jpgs hardly capture the quality of the actual images.

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