Thursday, January 7, 2010


Full update soon, but just a brief post for now. I had a great time, despite my entire break coinciding with Britain's worst snow and cold in maybe a 100 years (or 30, depending on the newspaper you read). Indeed, I was amazed that my return flight was a mere hour late--yesterday saw horrendous snow in the Southeast, with Heathrow and my house seemingly two of the few areas in the UK to escape with just a couple of inches of snow.

No updates this holiday as my parents' router broke and I had no email for 10 days. I also don't want Mum to find my blog and realize how much I spend on clothes.

On a related matter, there was no Mayle anywhere to be found in London, which was sad. I imagine the few pieces left in Harvey Nicks went in the summer sales, which I missed. Great things in Topshop, many of them available in the US, but I was restrained and just bought an amazing fake fur jacket that looks like long feathers. It was a mere 30 pounds, possibly marked too far down. Even though it is two sizes too big, it works for me.

So I return to what seems like a balmy NYC, having lived in my Madewell jeans, J Crew toothpick cords and stripey ts and sweaters. Alas, most of my lovely Mayle items remained largely unworn as it was just too cold to wear a dress, or silk, or anything delicate most of the time I was home.

So now it is back to a lot of work, to acupuncture, to Evan and the cats. I have many resolutions and ambitions for this year and hope I can fulfill them all.

Happy New Year to all of you. More soon.


Marti said...

Welcome back!!! I hope you were able to relax and enjoy yourself.

erica said...

so much snow everywhere this season! glad to hear you made it back without too much trouble.

new year, new plans. i'm off to find a proper jogging stroller on's too cold to wear anything nice, especially with the slush everywhere. now we're in the thick of it!