Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Sales

I tried not to indulge in Christmas sale shopping but a couple of things made it difficult. The first one was the anthro sale but all I got there was the APC quilt and a couple of pairs of black wooly tights that were a mere $7.50 each. The other problem was that when I feel sad, I shop. And having gone through a ton of things last week that wrecked Christmas for me (one of my favourite times of year) and kept me apart from my family and my home, my resolve wasn't at its best. It could have been worse, I guess. I spent my Gilt Group credit on a black Phillip Lim dress and went mad in Club Monaco, not Barneys. That choice in itself limited me--there was far less I wanted and it was all far cheaper, especially as there was a 40% off sale on all reduced items. I got a thick v-neck boyfriend cashmere cardigan in a light tan color ($119), a black cashmere crewneck sweater ($74) and a cream cotton lace skirt for $41. With my striped J Crew bateau shirt and black tights, I have some new great wearable options. I know I got my money's worth but I'm just hoping I have no more major crises and set backs ahead in 2012, particularly three that land in my lap in one 24 hour period, as I cannot afford to spend like this right now.


erica said...

i hope 2012 goes more smoothly for you, moya! nothing like a cascade of crises at the end of the year to send one shopping. i've broken my unofficial shopping ban and bought quite a few things for leon these past few days, but i'm having a hard time getting things for myself. 4 things for less than $100 at stella mccartney kids--talk about instant gratification!

Moya said...

Thank you, Erica. I'm hoping 2012 will be my year. The Stella McCartney kids shopping sounds like it was a lot of fun, however. I'm trying to stick to my shopping ban in the new year but have made an exemption for the Tocca coat and maybe dress/blouse if they go down a bit more and are still available in my size--I'm hoping their 30% discount is just an opening gambit.