Friday, October 28, 2011

Winter/Fall Wardrobe Updates, Part 4: Vintage Print Dress

I've also added a few print dresses in different but simple styles to my closet. Some are from ebay or various blogs/friends, but one is from my Pittsburgh trip.

Other than friends, one of the few things about Pittsburgh I love is Eons vintage clothing store in the Shadyside neighbourhood (on Elsworth Avenue). They don't have a website, alas. It's run by Richard who knows more about vintage clothing than practically anybody and he finds the most amazing pieces. When I was in there last week, there were skirts from the 1880s, beautiful 1950s party dresses, 1940s tea dresses, 1950s/1960s deadstock cotton shirtwaisters and 1920s beaded gowns all in excellent shape. Some pieces are mint, some can't be as fabric does degrade, but everything in Eons is dry cleaned (no aged smell on your dress/coat/blouse/skirt) and in the best possible condition. It's also super-reasonable--I got Jane a beautiful and ornate 1950s frame handbag in Italian leather in mint shape for $30.

Of course, vintage clothing tends to run small, so there was a lot that I just had to look at and reluctantly leave. But I did walk out with a black and pale pink tulip print rayon 1940s dress with incredible buttons that fit me perfectly. Pictures to follow, but, trust me, this 3/4 sleeve beauty was a great find--and just $45.

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joyce said...

would love to see photos. sounds gorgeous! vintage dresses have the best buttons.