Friday, October 28, 2011

Winter/Fall Wardrobe Updates, Part 1: Sweaters

For the first year in ages, I've kept a list of what I need and what I don't as I update my closet for the season. For the first time ever, I'm also in the process of sorting out items to post on the new blog as I bring in the new and cycle out the old. This process has also taught me about some of my weaknesses when it comes to buying new clothes.

I tend to have somewhat of a magpie eye--it's not the glittery items that get me going but pieces that speak to me for some reason or other. I don't follow trends inordinately. Some items are always going to be a no for me, regardless of how hot they are--anything hippie (ponchos, fringe), western wear, safari (something that always spells lack of designer inspiration to me), Russian and tartan (ditto, unless you are Alexander McQueen) and longer skirts. But there are those pieces every so often that I think look impressive on others--friends, models, on the printed/digital page--and I decide they'll pep up my wardrobe. Only they don't get worn and I go back to the same pieces. I am also not the greatest accessoriser and I do fall into certain style patterns that lead me back to specific pieces each season.

All this makes me sound frightfully boring, I know. But I often find myself crunched for time and needing to get dressed in weather appropriate outfits relatively quickly. Instead of randomly acquiring pretty pieces, I've concentrated on replacing and supplementing items that get heavy use and are on their last legs (if nothing else, the supplements might eke a little more life out of these favourites). In the fall/winter, I wear a lot of crew neck cashmere sweaters and boyfriend cardigans. Both are surprisingly tough to find in good colours--why so many v-necks I wonder?--and at a reasonable price so those were my top priority this season. I have two Inhabit sweaters that I've almost worn to death and those are probably two of the most important staples in my cold weather wardrobe, so replacements/supplements were my top priority.

Fortunately, J. Crew ran several promos this fall, with two even overlapping. I invested in these pieces which I think will go a long way towards helping with my fall/winter wear.

I picked up this cashmere cardigan in both this color above and in a bottle green. It's super soft, doesn't look like it will pill much and is slouchy without being shapeless. I'm not always up for duplicates but I could get more of these and wear them for years or until they disintegrate. At a shade over $110 each, I think that's a decent investment.

I also found a cashmere crew neck with nice detailing (love the buttons on the shoulders and the slight yoke) on double promo, making it about 40% off. I got this in navy which will be incredibly versatile. Again it's nice and soft and will make its debut this cold weekend (snow in October seems wrong, but there you go).

Ironically, all three were J. Crew catalogue/online exclusives. I usually think of that label as being synonymous with dull and boring. Maybe I am getting older, but these seem to be classics in the best sense--items I'll wear again and again without looking dull and frumpy.

More of my fall finds to follow.

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erica said...

love the crewneck especially. i wish jcrew's canadian prices weren't 15% higher. i hate having to order things shipped to my mom. talk about seriously delayed gratification!

all i can say is: i can't wait to move back to america!