Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs RIP

Steve Jobs accomplishments would have been staggering had he lived to be 100 and enjoyed the greatest of health. But considering he suffered from what may be the worst form of cancer, they are mind blowing. Clearly I'm just preaching to the choir in acknowledging that he changed the world--in many ways for the better. It's just so very sad.

I type this on my MacBook Pro, I read about his death on my iPod Touch. I've been a Mac user since System 7 came out--the revolutionary OS that allowed you to use two programs at a time--and was so happy to have a speedy Classic II with a large 40 MB hard drive... I'd still have that computer if I hadn't left it in my office back in Pittsburgh (something I regret so much). I put a sticker on it--a pig that changed into a guinea pig--and loved it so much. But then I went to colour macs, then the clamshell iBook in orange, which I still have, having learned my lesson about keeping Macs where possible. I've had a blue iMac (which I had to jettison because of space issues), a PowerMac which I keep as a back up, a green iPod Mini, the classic iPod and soon, I hope, the iPad. I can chart my adult life via my Macs, their size, colour, capacity, etc. Never have I once considered going for a PC. In my office I enjoy my big screen iMac--all classics of design and function.

My brothers used to laugh at me for using a Mac, mistaking its elegance and simplicity for something more amateurish. Now one of them regrets turning down a MacBook Pro for a Sony laptop and is asking his boss for the Mac while begging his wife to let him buy a MacBook Pro for home. Both he and my older brother now own iPad IIs and iPhones so I'm no longer in a Mac desert.

Thank you, Steve. I admire your vision, hard work and bravery more than I can say in a small blog post. Rest in much deserved peace.

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