Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Recent Acquisition

I've been really good recently--but I do have a list of needs that aren't pure wants. Obviously in the west, in post-industrial capitalism, it's tough to say that any of us really need anything--we could darn (I actually do this), repair and rewear. Still, by current western middle-class standards, these are needs--or at least needs-ish.

I may have a lot of cardigans (but these are in all weights) but I'm not so rich when it comes to sweaters. I'm not a huge fan of v-necks, preferring round or crew necks, and those aren't easy to find which always baffles me. During the winter, autumn and early spring, I've been living in two round neck Inhabit cashmere sweaters that I got at their sample sale in around 2008. They are basics--one is black, one is brown, both midweight. If you know me, you know these sweaters. Alas this year may be their last as they've started to show signs of losing their guts--I've darned holes and even taken to wearing one inside out (like Steven Alan shirts, they play with seams so this isn't as strange as it might sound). Sadly, it looks like they will soon lose their shape. I need to replace them, and supplement them with other similar woolies.

Last week, J. Crew had 30% off sale items, so I invested in this one after trying the navy, full-price version on in the store (no sale stock there). It fit and wasn't as short or boxy as the one in the online picture. It was soft, in a lovely green (one of my favourite colours) so I think it was a good investment. Here it is:

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swinny said...

that green is the best green there is. thumbs up from me.