Friday, June 24, 2011

Itty Bitty Kitties

I recently added another favorite blog to the blogroll--the itty bitty kitty committee. It's the site of some of the world's sweetest kitten photos, but it's also a great cause. All the kittens are fostered (and lovingly cared for by the resident cat, Charlene Butterbean) and most are very young orphaned litters. They are currently having a fund raiser for cats and dogs in the Tacoma, WA area. Today's funds are going to senior cats who are close to my own heart as I am the mum to a teenage kitten. If you can go over to and donate just a small sum, it would be for a great cause.

As for my trip, I'm home with my parents and working on this paper still. Today was a touch warmer so I'm in a summer dress (Philip Lim, purple silk) and green Hue tights. It's now dinner then back to work.

1 comment:

swinny said...

old cats are the best, much like how old ladies are also the best. (or maybe i'm biased because i'm an old cat lady?)

glad you are having a pleasant trip home. if you want to have a skype writing party, lemme know.