Tuesday, June 14, 2011


There have been very few dresses this season that appeal to me so I've been trying to shop my closet. After all, there are much coveted Mayle, Lyell, Rachel Comey, Thakoon and other dresses to wear, so I'm not going to spend for the sake of it. Although there are a couple of dresses I like, if I miss them it won't be a big deal. I am also spending much of my time writing (conference paper, articles, book proposal for books #2 and #3), so I really shouldn't be looking at online boutiques.

So, I'm challenging myself not to buy any dresses for a month (that's July 14). While the weather has been steamy, it doesn't look like it will heat up again before I go to England--and the forecast there isn't for unbearable heat.

I do, however, need sandals. My two pairs of basic everyday flats have worn through the soles and I am not sure if they are worth repairing. I'm hoping my Madewell sandals will be a good replacement but right now, I have a blister from wearing them yesterday and I'm hoping they will break in nicely. But I need something a little more dressy and have my eye on a Rachel Comey pair. They have to go on further markdown, however. With shoes that are not useful for everyday wear, I can't justify a major investment.

Much of this is about discipline. I intend to try to work for 2 hours most days when I'm home (although the conference and a few other days will not permit it), and go to a local zumba class. I want to manage my time better and accomplish my goals of a second book contract and five published articles by the end of next semester--and hopefully a couple of book chapters too. If I can finish the second book by the end of next summer, I'll be pretty happy.

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