Sunday, June 19, 2011


I am leaving for England tomorrow morning so I made sure I was on the computer bright and early to select my seat and check in, something that should be very simple. Only it wasn't. I got as far as pressing check in and kept getting error messages about my itinerary not being supported. So, I called American Airlines (I'm actually flying BA on an AA plane), who transferred me three times--the first person was an idiot and clearly wanted to get me off the phone and put me through to international who were as confused as I was. Then I finally spoke to someone who seemed to have some knowledge who said they couldn't help because it was a BA ticket. I then called BA who couldn't help because it is an American flight.

If the airlines want to run code shares their computers should be fully coordinated so you can check in via the airline that sold you your ticket (in my case, BA). If there are problems, you should be able to talk directly to an IT representative. Fares are at an all time high and I now have to get up even earlier tomorrow to check in at the airport. I have wasted 2 hours this morning and not been able to go to pilates and feel my blood pressure rising. I didn't pay over $1,000 for this ticket to be treated this way--with fares so crazily high, the least they can do is treat people as though they value them. I know it isn't a new observation but the airlines treat their customers like scum and certainly if there was a good alternative out there I'd take it. BA used to be so great--the only good things about them now are their fabulous cabin crew (who they continue to screw over), their good flight times (morning flights to the UK) and the fact that they are somewhat better than the terrible American carriers.


Amanda said...

Airlines treat their employees like crap who in turn take out their frustration on the passengers. It's just the way it is with most companies out to make a profit these days. SAd state of affairs... but have a good and safe trip!

Marti said...

I had a similar situation with my flight to NYC in April. I was on a continental flight that was direct, then transferred to a United flight with a layover. I got to the airport and United put me BACK on the Continental flight. The return however was miserable with nasty agents at the desk who were unhelpful.

Good luck tomorrow!