Monday, April 11, 2011


I often think that teaching and writing are fundamentally incompatible skill sets--the former demands extrovert socialization with others, the latter demands hermiting and introspection. I can do both but the pressure to do them simultaneously often overwhelms. Not to mention all the real life things that both tend to push to the edge--be it going to the bank, post office, doctors, etc.

So I've been writing quite a bit recently--the panic about wasting my life and potential grabs me every year at this time as it is the end of the academic year. Alas, it's terrible timing as it's also the moment when teaching starts to accelerate into overdrive. I realize the solution is longer days, weeks and weekends, but that's impossible. My plans are to have this book proposal out by Wednesday, three articles out by the end of the academic year (with a fourth to follow in short measure in May) and to have the second book proposal finished by mid-June--along with the conference paper for Glasgow. If I didn't have to teach, I would do it but the yin-yang, back-forth of teaching and writing isn't always compatible with doing a great job with either.


Mouse said...

Agree with you about the problem of personality in teaching. I find that in the English field, you have the same thing: a bunch of introverts who find themselves suddenly in front of the classroom.

Good luck with all your writing projects. Sounds impressive!

joyce said...

This is the classic conundrum. It's so hard to balance both at the same time -- and forget about it once the papers and exams start rolling in.

Definitely the most angst-filled time of the year for me.

jennifer said...

I agree, though at this point in my professional development, I have had way more experience writing than teaching. Doing both at the same time has been extremely challenging.

I'm so impressed that you have so many projects in the works. THREE (almost four) articles? Wow. I wish you the best of luck these coming weeks!

erica said...

i love teaching and research, but writing is worse than pulling teeth. i've always been so impressed by your ability to do both, moya!

this is a tough time of the semester. i suspect that the weather plays a huge factor in my desire to play hookey when my diss. is due to the readers on may 3.

while an undergrad in so. cal i never had this problem of daydreaming during the final weeks of the semester.