Saturday, April 16, 2011

Taxes, Rain--and Lions

Yet again, spring eludes us in NYC. A mere two 70+ degree days this year and many more where I'm clutching my coats to my neck or cursing my stupidity in thinking I could go without a sweater, cardigan and some kind of tank top underwear. Today is no different--cold, wet, possibly dangerous winds and a threatening storm.

In addition, it's tax day. After a week with three defenses and paper proposal grading, I managed to get a cold, meaning that while I did get my taxes in today, my state return was nominally a day late. Alas, this was not going to be a year where I got much of a return. Despite buying a new computer (my old one was getting scarily unreliable which isn't good for an academic), traveling nationally and internationally for conferences and research and buying a lot of books and dvds for classroom and research use, I still ended up paying over $400 to the federal govt. I should get a little less than that back from the state but it reminds me to alter my allotments for next year. Had I received a refund big enough, I'd have considered getting the A Detacher Didions I tried on with Caroline on Wednesday in my brief period of (stolen) free time. But I wasn't going to blow all of a refund on one item and it looks like I'm not blowing any cash on anything any time soon now.

So, I have a cold, its wet, windy and chilly outside and I had to pay into my taxes. I'd rather have those three bundled together than deal with them individually so that's all just as well. No pilates or zumba for me today. Much of the day I've slumped around in my J. Crew pajamas.

Now it is time to shower, drink more tea and soon, head off to the Museum of the Moving Image to see Male and Female with Ashley, Ben and Brynn. Tigers ahoy! Then, hopefully, Sripraphai tonight. Nothing I love better than good spicy Thai food at the best of times, but when I have a cold, it's even more necessary.

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joyce said...

get well soon! a movie and thai food sounds like a good remedy.