Monday, November 22, 2010

Sample sale finds

Earlier this week, I hit up the Lutz and Patmos sample sale. It was not too far from NYU (in the meatpacking district) so I was able to go on the way to work, and did so twice. As the line is ending--and as I love high end sweaters, especially cashmere ones--I felt it was a more practical sale and one I could justify. Of course, the fact that it fit into my incredibly over-crowded schedule didn't hurt. I was able to leave 20 minutes earlier and fit it in. It also wasn't a Thursday-Friday sale (unlike Thakoon) so it didn't coincide with me spending all my time in class or office hours.

I went on the opening day, hoping to find a warm and chunky sweater I loved on La Garconne and the cashmere Sofia Coppola dress. Both were reputedly $150 and as the sweater was $485 and the dress $850, that was a steal. Plan was to grab both and leave. But when I got there, I couldn't see anything vaguely like the dress and found out, of course, that it was the first piece to go. I had better luck with the sweater and ended up getting one in dark green. It is very warm and a soft wool/silk/alpaca blend. Here's the photos from LaGarconne:

I also got a very soft black silk and bamboo round neck long sleeved thermal top that draped beautifully for $30 that originally listed for $175.

I went with Caroline who got a beautiful soft ivory cashmere sleeveless sweater and a soft gray cashmere sweater designed by Carine Roitfeld.

As there were to be discounts each day, and as a lot of stock was left, I decided to go in again on Thursday (the next possible day I could make it). Again, I went on the way to work but found a decidedly different experience. All sweaters were $25 but not much was left. Again, I had a plan--grab another of the thick sweaters above, maybe in pale gray or the light brown, and one of the cashmere long sleeved sweaters that Caroline found, pay, get out and get to class. But I had anticipated more stock--at least more decent stock. Much of what they had was old samples as befits the crazily low price.

I did pick up a very thick cardigan that will be useful on cold days inside or even outside instead of a coat on a not that cold day. It was reduced from $450 to $25 and has some nice details like the ribbon trim over the buttons. But it isn't as soft as I'd usually get, but I think it will nicely cut the sweetness of a girly dress.

I also picked up a v-neck waffle knit short sleeved sweater (another $25, originally $245) that's soft and drapes nicely. I am planning on wearing this over a striped long sleeved t-shirt.

Finally, after much searching, I saw a girl holding the sweater I had wanted. I asked her if she wanted it (I hate being that person but I also had to get to class). She wasn't sure she wanted it, as she was holding out for a jacket someone else had, and that person was holding out for a vest someone else had. So, she gave it to me, the other person then decided against the jacket and gave it to her, and then the person who had the vest decided they would be allergic to it and gave it to the other person so we all got what we want, which made me happy. Good deeds certainly produced a chain reaction--and I got to class on time.

The sweater (same as above) was in a light brown, was a S not the L I preferred but there was only a little difference in size. It was a sample and had a couple of snags but for $25 it was a steal. I prefer the dark green (just as well) but now I have two more sweaters for really cold days or for when I want to feel warm and snuggly.

It is amazing that every year I realize how few sweaters I have for when it starts to get really cold. Evan laughs at me for having so much knitwear but it is for all seasons and what works for a warm spring day is near enough obsolete when it is 30 degrees or less.

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joyce said...

hi moya! how did you find the sizing on that pullover (the raglan sleeve one in dark green)? i'm thinking about getting one but am worried the size small is too small.