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From the email archives--Mayle Sample Sale, June 2007

I am terrible about deleting emails as I think of them as a personal archive. Sometimes old emails were bulk deleted (my old hotmail account and NYU email had this problem as older email had to be sacrificed given limited memory).

Going back over some of my gmail for another purpose, I found an email to a friend documenting the now legendary Mayle sample sale from June 2007. I've redacted the personal info, edited for style, but basically here is the one from day 1--I went back on day 2 and it was even better (I got two pairs of sandals and a dress--if only I'd bought more!). I thought it might be of historical interest. So, here it is.

*  *   *

Mayle sale, I went. It was insane at first--I saw things I wanted in people's hands and had to stalk to get some of them. The line was down the block.

Sizes 2,4 and 6 were plentiful. 8s and 10s were scant. All the shoes (the Afrikana flats and the wedge versions as well as the older woven flats) were in size 42 so even I couldn't get them. Lots of the very high Pamplita boots.

What they had:

loads of pants, wool skirts and satin shorts. Some knickerbockers. Tons of sweaters--mainly the Barneys monthly ones. Coats--often really old ones as well as the Rolande from this season. As coats were $175 and it was insanely hot today, I passed. Pants were $65, shorts and skirts $50. Sweaters--all $90. I got the thick navy blue cardigan from the fall.

Very few tops--mainly the green version of the long sleeved silk shirt I have from last fall, and lots of odd samples and old silk tops in the brown and white print from SS 2005. Hard to list them--there seemed to be very few of any style--just consistently very small sizes. There were a few size 4 shirts from this season and last but they were all silk and they sold immediately. I was there at 10:30 and couldn't get near them. Tops were so small that I don't think they had any 10s at all. They were $80 and $95.

Lots of dresses--$125 each for day dresses, $150 for evening. Mainly they had:
--the Anais dress (lots of them) in black, cream, and cream with yellow trim. I got it in cream with yellow trim. Still some left when I left at 1:30.
--the beige silk Michaela dress with lavender flowers from last summer.
--the long red dress from the recent holiday collection (the ruffly long one like the one I liked that sold out). [comment from now--I was a fool not to get one of these!]
---the dress version of your cream puff blouse in black with a white detachable collar. Runs *really* small (I couldn't really fit in the 10). Tons of them. [this is the acetate dress from SS 07 and I can't remember its name off-hand]
--the brown and cream Valentine dress with ruffles from this season (the silk one). Also in the mustard color. Also had the sleeveless version
--the green t-shirt fabric drapy minidress from fall/holiday in tiny sizes
--the slk slip dress in orange, black and ivory from this season
--the black and the purple long sleeved eyelet dress from fall
--a couple of the bondage style dresses from this season.
--lots of long dresses in the brown and white from summer 2005

What they didn't
other than what's listed above, virtually nothing from this season
platform clogs

I got the navy cardigan, a black wool skirt for $50, the ivory Anais dress, the green cotton voile shirtwaist dress I wanted last year. I also got an orange silk Federica.

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