Sunday, November 28, 2010


I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving weekend. We headed up to Boston (to Evan's sister's house) on Thursday morning and caught the Friday evening train back to NYC so we could give Remy her antibiotics. Thankfully, my cold had practically gone so I could enjoy eating and visiting. We also visited the Natick mall to get Hanukah gift for the children--so I visited several tween stores, making it the full mall experience. I also discovered that the NYC branches of stores like Club Monaco and Madewell are relatively large, even if they don't seem that way. So no temptations for me but it was fun and we had some success in our gift buying. Actually, I did get some yoga pants and a tank from the Gap fit line--for a total of $38.

After much anticipation and excitement, Ben, Brynn and I went to a matinee screening of Burlesque. We're all fans of 1930s musicals and adore Showgirls, so hopes were high. In the spirit of high camp and excess--despite the cold winds--Ben and I both worse sequins to the screening--his Halloween top my silver J. Crew miniskirt. We also prefaced the screening with a visit to Billy's bakery and bought deserts into the theater (coconut cream pie for me, pumpkin whoopie pies for Ben and Brynn). Let me say, neither the film nor deserts disappointed--both were sweet and somewhat ironic creations. At times, the movie was so good/bad, I felt sequins exploding from my heart. I have a soft spot for Christina Aguilera (a girl with talent unlike so many teen starlets, even if she goes awry at times). She can actually act and the film was a perfect vehicle for her sensibilities--at their best when she is somewhat retro, as she was in Burlesque. Granted the film had nothing to do with real burlesque, had little plot and was pretty much tailor made for gay men and their female friends, but that's what made it such perfect escapist entertainment for a cold late November day.

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