Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Midsemester Crunch

It's certainly crunch time here as is obvious from the lack of posts here. 45 grad student papers, 24 undergrad papers and ten Ph.D. dissertations all juggled for my time, along with the regular course preps. I am more than ready for the winter break but I still feel I haven't done enough of my own work to think about another year being over.

One temptation has been all the online sales. Today it was Steven Alan and the Gilt Tucker sale. I'm not a big fan of the latter but wouldn't mind owning one of their blouses. So far, all I have done is put items in my shopping carts. If they sell out, such is life, if not, maybe I'll want them. I know it sounds like an anorexic chewing food and spitting it out but I'm trying to exert some control. Next year will likely be a very expensive one and I want to save a bit of money. Plus there is Christmas coming up and I have no idea how much the airfare will be. Plus Lisa's wedding in Santa Barbara in April, so it all adds up.

On another note, Caroline has some Mayle for sale and I'll be posting some items here in the next 24 hours. She's also got some other very desirable pieces for sale, including a pair of Miu Miu cat print heels, that I'll also be posting here.

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