Friday, October 23, 2009


So I'm still coveting the other pair of Gap/Pierre Hardy boots--the shorter pair. I know I shouldn't buy more and I realize the Gap have successfully eaked out these boots to whet peopl's appeatite (mine included). But they are so comfortable that I think I'll bite the bullet, providing I can find them.

Otherwise, it's been an odd fall. I'm not that enthused about shopping and consequently the thought of upcoming sample sales doesn't thrill me the way it did in past seasons. I like some items from APC, Jeffrey Monteiro, Rachel Comey, Steven Alan, Lyell, J. Crew and even Kate Spade. But no Mayle means I have less interest in new clothing (although new shoes/jewelry and even sweaters are another matter) and am spending more time scouring out older pieces. But I miss the adrenalin of shopping and waiting/hiping those key pieces I need will be put on sale while anticipating the new lookbooks for holiday, resort and even spring 2010.


Marti said...

I agree with you. I have been finding it very hard to commit to anything apparel wise lately. I just bought a merino cardigan from jcrew and a dark burgundy cashmere one. but shoes? dresses? I find myself constantly wearing the same pieces. I know I need to mix it up .. but its impossible. At least you have a city that has everything, the shopping here is so challenging.

erica said...

i don't even have that much mayle, so i'm used to shopping everywhere, but i agree that this fall has been less than inspiring.

well, at least i know i'll end up buying pretty much everything on my list without much agonizing come sale season.

hope you're doing well with teaching and everything.