Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More J. Crew Jewelry

Once again, I was early for acupuncture. Once again, I fell victim to my own consumerist desires. With 10 minutes to spare, I decided to check the jewelry at J. Crew and walked out with two pieces--a pair of earrings and a rhinestone/glass bracelet. I love bracelets but they aren't easy to find, other than bangles which don't fit over my wrists or bracelets threaded on elastic (bound to break). I chose between three yesterday and still may go back to get another. I also like the fact J. Crew offer a teacher discount--nobody else does and it is good to feel wanted when you do a job as a college professor that never offers bonuses and doesn't have good pay but requires many years of education.

Onto the jewelry. These are my new finds:

This bracelet almost looks like a cuff and lies flat. The earrings are both lovely and lightweight. There are some even nicer pieces but I really can't wear earrings that heavy--if they were lighter weight, I'd be there getting thee or four pairs. Here they are:

Finally, here's the other bracelet. If I finish the book this week (and I think it is possible), I may treat myself to this as well. I just have a few misgivings about the clasp--will it support such a substantial bracelet?

If I purchase this, I just have to decide between the white pearl beads on gold and the rose gold/pink version.

Or I could just be a good girl and stop spending money on accessories but that would be less fun. I have to admit I've spent more on J. Crew than any other store this year, what with these fabulous accessories and the lovely striped long sleeved t-shirt I bought there recently. I guess it shows that this has not been the most inspired season.


Marti said...

OH I LOVE THEM!!!!!! Moya amazing. So forwarding this to Mickey Drexler.

Margaret said...

i really love the bracelets and have thought about getting one myself but find that i never (or at least rarely) ever wear jewelry! funny that you say you have suddenly found yourself shopping at jcrew a lot...i feel the same...i was saying to someone, "jcrew has gotten much more stylish...." before i added sheepishly, "...or maybe i have gotten much less stylish?!" i think the truth is that if i were 24 today i probably wouldn't shop there any more than i did 15 years ago but now that i'm older it just is easier and practical to mix some basics into my wardrobe. sigh.... am i headed for eileen fisher (or worse, chicco's!?) in another decade!?

christina said...

They are all stunning. You have such great taste! JCrew also offers a discount to students and don't forget about Madewell, Crewcuts! In addition to JCrew, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Half Price Books, Ann Taylor Loft and Club Monaco all offer some form of educational savings. It's a shame they don't advertise these things. The Apple educational discount is much better than the corporate savings they offer. I got a free ipod when I bought my laptop ages ago.

Moya said...

I didn't know about all of those (other than Apple--my ipod was free with my laptop). I will have to find out more about the Club Monaco discount. Thank you Christina.

I so love the bracelets--I think J. Crew has got more stylish, Margaret. The bracelets are so lovely that I'll probably get at least another one or two before the end of the year. I received so many compliments on the one I just bought when I wore it to shop on Saturday.