Sunday, September 28, 2014

Some Autumn Picks: Part II

It's a lot easier to justify buying clothes for Severin. It's not just that he's a growing boy, but that he's guaranteed to look adorable in whatever he wears. I actually don't need to buy him that much this autumn as his spring clothes still fit. I learned the hard way that as sweet as one-pieces, rompers and even dungarees look, they only last for the shortest time. Just a half an inch growth renders them practically unwearable--the snaps snap open and the poor child is uncomfortable. Trousers and t-shirts can be worn a bit loose or a bit small (short trousers work as capris and then as shorts), especially when you get to the one year mark when their girth really doesn't change much. I've also been buying age 2-3 for a while and if something runs big, I'm really happy that we'll get even more wear out of it.

As for me, I've started to become very aware that clothes may look great on the model but not so nice on me, which makes shopping difficult. It's partly because of the post-pregnancy weight redistribution (I'm bigger on top, even if I'm the same from the waist and below) which also means I can't fit into many of my older clothes. It's not that much of a change in shape but I'm not used to dressing this way--skirts make me look big these days so it's really a return to the old pregnancy styles of dresses and jeans (I'm not pregnant, btw, even though I would love to be). I also feel invisible--not ugly, just unattractive--which relates to the tiredness and lack of me-time (hence sporadic blog posts), which leaves me with a grayish pallour and dull hair. I'm not complaining--I think this is a normal state of affairs for any mother of young children--and certainly I'd so much rather have Severin than lots of leisure. He is beyond joyous and I love him so much it actually hurts. I'm getting my work done, cooking, doing some cleaning and spending time with my dear, but that means I have almost no free time. That means no gym, no yoga, and despite what the media tell you, cutting out wheat and walking a lot with a pushchair doesn't get you skinny.

So, with that preamble, here's some of what I'm looking at/have purchased/fantasise about owing this season. In all likelihood, it will all look really dismal on me anyway, but I'm still imagining that I could look good again. If only I could lose 10 lbs and have glowing skin and hair again, I'd trade that for a few new dresses.

I'm still on my Madewell kick and have my eye on this shirt. I saw it in the store and the fabric is soft (like a fine, lightweight cotton flannel). I'm waiting for it to go on sale (and for the extra discounts they offer online) and hoping that I don't look like a plump middle-aged mum in a tent but rather something more stylish.

Alternatively, there's this dress in the same fabric. I've already got the same cut in the summer striped cotton and would probably size down in this (no need for as much fabric when it's cooler). It all depends on which looks less matronly on. Hopefully they do the shirt in another similar fabric (Madewell typically repeat their cuts) and I can get both--on sale.

I'm also curious about this cotton Madewell dress. It could be flattering, but equally, I could end up looking huge. Again, I'm more than happy to wait for a sale + coupon code.

I'm going to have to try these on, but if they are comfortable, I want to get these Oxfords. They come with (optional) laces.

I like this dress from Zara but will it like me? It's either going to be super flattering on hideous!

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