Thursday, September 18, 2014

Some Autumn Picks I: Severin

Here's the first of two posts on a few of the pieces I'm looking at for Severin and myself this autumn. I've included here some of the items I've already bought for him. I'm trying not to spend too much on my own clothing as I'm still feeling out of shape and tired (the only mothers of very active 20 month old boys who aren't are those who have infinite financial resources and endless help).

I've already mentioned how difficult it is to find nice clothes for young boys--and if it's hard when they are under one, it only gets worse as they grow. Severin is huge (off the scale for height and in the 80th percentile for weight--so tall and reasonably slender), wearing age 2-3 for the past few months which basically puts him in the last size for good toddler clothing (Boden, Frugi). We've already abandoned Baby Gap as their offerings for larger infants and toddlers suck. It's predominantly navy, black, grey and dull colours, macho or logo/slogan covered clothes and too many denim, canvas and other unyielding fabrics. At 20 months, his skin is still soft and his clothes should be too. I want bright colours, quirky styles, stripes, polka dots and stars, and, honestly, I'd like those options for a good few more years (retailers--wake up!). H&M basics does some really great striped t-shirts and long sleeved tops--cheap and in soft organic cotton. They go up to age 8 or so, which means I've got at least one affordable option as he grows. Curiously, their less basic line is worse in its styling, colour choices, fabrics and finish for a somewhat higher price. And Zara offers some nice pieces but the quality isn't as good and they are pretty overpriced.

Here are the H&M shirts I bought him (at just under $14 for three, they are a great deal--I wish they had them in my size).

H&M also do some nice bright coloured cotton trousers for older boys (yellow, purple, green, bright red) but those are for the future. Right now, I'm keeping him in his jersey shorts and trousers which have the added advantage of working well as shorts as he grows taller. My style inspiration for the future, older Severin comes from a 20-something Asian guy who was walking past our building wearing yellow narrow fit pants, rolled up to just above his ankle, a white Comme des Garçons Play long, loose fit t-shirt and a long, navy cardigan. The bright pants did it and I'm grateful that we crossed paths with such a stylish figure.

Most of my toddler picks are from Boden, which has become our staple Severin shop. We get a lot on sale. Although they don't allow you to double up their coupon codes with reduced merchandise, the codes sometimes get you clothing cheaper than on final markdown so we buy relatively often. As it's $50 minimun for free shipping, we opt for a mix of final sale and new items with coupon codes (this is the royal we, I realise, as I'm the one doing the shopping, not him). It's one of the few places where I find more items I want for him than I could ever afford to buy, and more than he'll actually need before he grows into the next size. Here are a few covets--and a couple of purchases.

What can I say? I want them all. The colours and appliques are so charming. And these are just three of a large list of similar items.

I've already bought him the shirt below--it's soft and it looks lovely on. Who can resist mummy and baby owls?

It will go perfectly with these trousers, all bought on sale. The darker ones are Mini Boden, and great for playtime at the park, but they lack the softness and style of the baby line.

Alas, the party will soon be over. When Severin grows out of baby Boden, then it's Mini Boden time which, alas, isn't so hot. The colours become more muted, the fabrics are not so soft and there is a definite strong masculinity that I would like to avoid until he makes it into High School at 11 (or even later if possible).


joyce said...

I love everything you picked! Boden is such a good resource, as is H&M. I like Uniqlo as well, especially for outwear, though their range is really limited.

leanne said...

Great picks! I have a very tall, skinny 4 year old and a tall, strong 2 year old. I hear you on the exhaustion bit. We wear a lot of boden - I love the mini applique shirts and really like their shorts. The corduroy pants with an elastic waist are very soft and easy to move in. I buy have bought a lot at gap for the boys - they love dinosaurs and I caved to dinosaur shirts. Lately I've had a lot of luck at crew cuts (especially for the oldest). We have one up the street and I hit the sale section - always an extra 40% off, and their clothes will last for a second wear (hand me downs). Most of the styles are too grown up, but some of their tshirts are very soft, and they have pull-on pants in a slim, which I need to get for Noah. Thanks for posting about the H&M shirts - I never go there but will stop in there as I stock up for fall.

Good luck with the yellow pants and I hear you on wishing they could wear brightly colored legging type pants until at least age 4.

Hang in there mama!

Moya said...

I'm glad you like them, Joyce! I love that everything is soft and comfortable too.

Thanks for the Crew Cuts suggestion, Leanne. I've never looked at it because of the steep price but will pop in now. You definitely should pick up some of the H&M shirts--they are super soft and really durable. And I still don't know how you do it all and have such a lovely home.

Nhu said...

I also like boden. The few items I bought for Maizie will definitely be handed down to Augie. They're the cutest and sturdiest baby clothes I've found. I like to get the pack of onesies and layer the baby in that every day in the winter. But the items that get the most compliments are the thrifted sweaters.