Thursday, May 22, 2014


The combination of prediabetes, a sluggish thyroid and having a toddler have not exactly led me to feel good about how I look. Comparing my skin and hair to Severin's is one way to feel ancient, but my endocrine issues have resulted in a slow weight gain over the last few years that still seems to persist even as I cut carbs down to 150 g or less per day and try to eat three salads with protein for dinner a week. Either this diet isn't working at all or it's fighting a battle that I'm not currently winning. This combination means I don't look in mirrors (in clothing stores or at home) and think, wow, that's a great dress. Postpartum bodies may not look that different but my clothes don't fit the way they used to and are tighter in the back and the upper part of my body.

Still, these pieces appeal. Partly because of what they hide, partly because they'd work if I lost or gained weight, but mainly because they seem like they'd look fresh and clean even on the most humid day. I want to look pretty while I'm out with Severin, because he deserves it. But because I'm feeling cheap and trying to save hard in the hopes of having baby #2, I'm waiting for sales or to find out that I don't really need or want them after all.

This one's from Madewell and at $138 it's above the NYC sales tax threashold so I want it to go down in price just a little more:

This cotton dress is from & Other Stories, so I'm waiting till it's nearer the time we fly home, but as it's super low on stock in my size, I may miss out entirely (the largest size, which may have been the one I needed, has sold out). Given that this dress is well under the equivalent of $80, I can't wait for the US outpost to open up.

Also from & Other Stories. Also sold out in the biggest size so I suspect this one may run small (they are an H&M company) and may not fit.

Yet another & Other Stories dress. Again, just under $100 at the current exchange rate including postage. 

Hopefully one or two of these will end up in my wardrobe. I'll be ordering something from & Other Stories in the next week or two and report back here on the sizing. I only have a fortnight to return them so I have to wait a couple more weeks to order. By then, I imagine the larger sizes will have all sold out but I will check out their Regent Street store when home.


joyce said...

Have you looked at the Cos website yet? Free shipping and I think 20% off everything right now. I just got shoes from them and love the quality and the prices.

Moya said...

I have--I'm going to London soon so I'm going to try things on while I'm home. COS is great but their sizing is really random so I've learned I have to try things on. Would love to see a post on your shoes :)

Marti said...

I love the & Other Stories dresses. There is also some good stuff on right now