Monday, May 12, 2014

Toddler Hijinks

Severin becomes more of a toddler day by day. While the tantrums are thankfully not that common, they are becoming a daily occurrence, usually when he wants Waybuloo on (and he wants it *now*) or when he wants me to open the fridge for him and give him milk. 

His latest antics involve pulling his nappy (and sometimes pyjama bottoms) off at night. The first time I walked in on him face down, bottom up wearing only a blue top, I knew something wasn't quite right but it took me a few seconds to work it out. He's at it again tonight. Turns out it's not uncommon and the solution seems to be tape the nappy shut, put on one piece pyjamas with a zip, possibly on backwards and use your sleep sack (again backwards). Why he does it, I don't know, but there's something wonderful about being further submerged into the secrets of motherhood and babydom.

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