Friday, May 16, 2014

Early mother's day gift to myself

My second mother's day may have come and gone, but before it even arrived I treated myself to a mummy necklace--a little rose gold disc with S (for Severin) on the front and his birthdate (29.12.2012) on the back. Even before he was born, I looked at similar pieces of jewellery, but without a name I wasn't going to buy anything--especially as I was too superstitious to assume I'd end up with a baby.

My necklace looks pretty much like the one above (this is the Etsy image). It feels good to support an artisan jeweller, particularly one who uses recycled gold and is eco friendly. I got it from PointNoPoint Studios in Seattle and, hopefully, one day I'll be able to order another disc with the initials of a second child. I'm not pregnant but wish I was. My love for little Severin is so overwhelming and more than anything, I would love to give him a sibling. A little girl would be so perfect but a little boy would be pretty sweet too.

As for mother's day, that was pretty sweet--the highlight was going out to dinner with Evan, Severin and Evan's mum and stepfather. We went to a Greek restaurant where Severin ate feta cheese and bread, then decided he was ready to leave--just before our main courses arrived. Fortunately he was happy to be pushed around while we took it in turns to eat.


joyce said...

Happy belated Mother's Day! The necklace is the perfect present for the occasion -- I love the idea of wearing the initials of your loved ones.

Marti said...

Enjoy this time with baby S!