Friday, April 11, 2014


I'm in Columbia, MO for a conference--away from the boys for just a couple of days. I've realised I wake at 7 or so, expecting to hear Severin's cry so my (one) opportunity for a lie in didn't happen. I'm presenting tomorrow morning so I'm getting up early, eating a big breakfast (I'm staying in a B&B that makes amazing breakfasts, including a baked oatmeal blueberry custard), packing, presenting and then heading home. Two flights, a time change and Saturday will be over. I'm missing those boys a lot and it will be lovely to see them again.

I'm finally getting a taste of spring too--it's in the 70s and sunny and tomorrow I'll be teased by a warm morning (it will be 80 here but I'll have gone by then) before heading back to something a little less spring-like.

As a non-Facebook user, I'm always a bit peeved by the ways social media has changed conferences--less ad hoc gatherings of old and new friends as everybody prearranges their dinners and lunch dates. Last night, I met a great woman and had dinner, so tonight I'm fine with reading over my paper, watching TLC and walking the 15 minutes or so to the small college area and picking up a sandwich. I've realised I can't carb watch away from home, where there are no grocery stores and all the food is aimed at the fast metabolisms of college kids.

I have a magnolia tree outside my window, a couch to sit on and feel lazy enough to just stay in. But that would leave me the bad option of granola bars for dinner...

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