Friday, April 18, 2014


I know it's a good idea to buy seasonal winter basics on sale in the spring, but when it still feels like winter, it's not particularly thrilling. That said, Club Monaco had a couple of cashmere sweaters on sale for $99 with an extra 30% discount, meaning I had to bite. I'm pretty certain I'll get some wear out of them before the semester is over.

I had already purchased this in camel from an earlier markdown. I'd liked it at the original price but now wish I'd waited just a little longer.

I've not seen this one in stores (not that I have much time to shop these days with Severin and work--any free time is for writing, cleaning house or maybe sleeping) so I hope the quality and fit is decent. It's pretty much a basic so it should be useful.

Although the trees are blossoming, it doesn't look like I'll be out of sweaters for some time yet.

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