Friday, March 9, 2012


Apologies for the paucity of posts. I've been busy here as it is conference season and mid-terms--a bad combination.

I took a brief break today to have lunch and a stroll around Soho. My friend Emilie and I found ourselves outside the Kardashian boutique, Dash, and thought why not look inside. We were expecting tacky, of course--even if you'd never heard of the Kardashians, the mirror covered mannequins gave you ample warning of what was inside. That would be ugly and dated clothing (very lower Broadway with a man with a sandwich board trying to lure you inside for cut price D and G and miscellaneous no brand items), $10 water bottles, $4 pencils, assorted Kardashian products--from perfumes to Quik Trim--velour and mesh underwear and ranges of ugly jewelry and clothing. There are also security guards in there stopping you from taking photos. Hideous and baffling that they can sell enough to pay the rent in a prime Soho corner.


Emilie said...

The heavily airbrushed Glamour shots of the sisters K were a highlight, as was the Jonathan Cheban line of hideous jewelry. Now I have to go deal with the fact that I know who Jonathan Cheban is and my coat still reeks of Khloe and Lamar: Unshakeable Bond edt"

Moya said...

I forgot about those airbrushed shots! And I am also embarrassed that I know who Jonathan Cheban is and that I've seen his jewelry. It was a pretty hideous store, right?