Saturday, March 17, 2012

Biting Off More Than I Can Chew

I think I can truly say I may be the busiest I've ever been. Literally, everything is due at the same time--conference, book, conference paper and Powerpoint slides (just pictures from 1910s and 20s Photoplay and Motion Picture Classic at this point), article, chapter and post for a big time blog. And I have midterms. And it seems that April 1 or thereabouts is my deadline for everything. I'm literally allowing myself 2 days to write a paper and less than a week to read through and finish my book. I'll be in Boston for six of these days for a conference where I am meeting with two or three publishers. All great but at this point a week free would be great. My eyes are so tired from typing and reading that I can barely see. All this happens at a time when I'd ordinarily be incredibly busy. I'm just looking forward to post-tax deadline where I hope I can sneak a day or two of doing absolutely nothing.

Until then, here's Joan--both to share and as a reminder of where I am in my paper (at least fan magazine advice culture is a lot more fun to write about than Progressivism):

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erica said...

ugh, sounds like you're in for a tough few weeks. as always i'm so impressed by your work ethic, moya! i've been slowing down quite a bit since i finished my last lecture on friday (student presentations for the next two weeks).