Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The last few days seem to have been filled with odd misconnections, as one of my colleagues observed. Students have fallen sick, messages seem to have been waylaid and students have forgotten appointments and office hours. There was even a mess up with my medical insurance that meant one doctor's appointment became two on two consecutive days. Perhaps it was best that today was a day to regroup, to continue taking notes on the book I'm reading for this chapter and leave the more intricate work on writing until tomorrow. I have Monday off for Presidents' Day so that's a concerted ten day span to get the bulk of this chapter written. It has to be done before we get back into the real work of the semester, including the conference paper and essay I have to write.

Obviously, Valentine's Day was low key, given that I teach until 9.20 on Tuesdays. But it was sweet nonetheless, with Evan getting me a large box of Godiva truffles that I plan to eat sparingly to make the joy last longer. We'll be celebrating on Saturday night with organic Japanese in the Lower East Side.


swinny said...

ooh ooh ooh, where on the LES?

Moya said...

It wasn't so great--we can do better in Flushing :)