Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Collaboration Frustration

Most of this season's clothes are leaving me cold. I'm not feeling inspired by either my go-to designers or stores. Rachel Comey's move upmarket has coincided with the evaporation of much of her inspiration, style and whimsy. J Crew is looking as dull to me as it did years ago and I'm not finding much on blogs, NYC fashion week 2012 or in stores that whets my appetite.

There are exceptions. London Fashion week excited me and two recent/upcoming designer collaborations thrilled me. Alas, because of the nature of the collaboration beast (ebay vultures, limited stock, excessive hype) I'm likely to end up with nothing. The lines that have me fantasizing about some miracle are Marni for H&M (I want most of it, covet large portions of the line and can see it integrating into my wardrobe, enlivening what I have and being worn forever) and Mary Katrantzou for Topshop. The former has yet to launch but it's sadly predictable what will happen--long lines of people who sleep outside, grab everything and post it to ebay immediately for the price of real Marni. If only H&M would make more, release it, restock, they could stop this madness. There's still tons of grossly marked up former collaboration pieces on ebay going back to Stella McCartney and Karl Lagerfeld, so I have no doubts that the disgusting people who ruin it for everybody will be doing their damndest to spoil the collaboration again. It's interesting to speculate what proportion of these so highly desired collaboration pieces will never be worn as a result of this combination of greed and herd mentality.

As for Mary Katrantzou, I went to Topshop last week to see the dresses as I'd heard they were incredibly expensive--$400-$750 (no typo). Of course, I got the day wrong by a week. Not only did the line go on sale today, the dresses sold out in minutes even with a one per person limit. I'm not so much sad as left perplexed. Granted, these pieces were cheaper than her main line but clearly very few were made, and the price point seems insane given that the quality was reportedly not that good. I could get a $100 t-shirt but I'm not interested.

There's always the upcoming Karen Walker for Anthropologie but I'm probably better off saving what little disposable income I have this semester. Or losing weight to fit into the Jill Stuart resort dresses.


erica said...

karen walker for anthropologie? hmmm, interesting.

i would rather save my pennies and go to the marni outlet near palm springs and buy a dress or two for 75% off.

you know it's bad when i repurchase something that i sold last May! mainly i just want a pair of tiny polka dotted C/E jeans and a few chambray shirts. i'm done with fancy pretty things!

Moya said...

I didn't know there was a Marni outlet! Interesting. I've no idea where Palm Springs is--Florida or California--and doubt I'll ever get a chance to go there.

Still, I like several of the H&M pieces a good deal and would just appreciate the chance to go into a store, buy them and leave. I don't want, on principle, to support the vultures.

erica said...

there's a marni outlet at the desert hills premium outlet near palm springs california (didn't know there was one in florida!).

last summer i got this resort 2010 dress ( in this print ( for $300!

the ebay re-sellers are out of control. there should be a limit to the number of things they can buy.

Moya said...

It's my US geography--I'm so unfamiliar with the beach states as a foreigner that I'm not sure where towns like Palm Springs are, embarrassingly enough.

I wish there was a nearer Marni outlet. Your dress is amazing.

Your comment also makes me think that ebay should be the one to clamp down on these listings (along with Craigslist). I understand everybody wants the chance to earn a little more cash but I'm not sure it's even worth it for most of the resellers most of the time, yet they still carry on spoiling everybody's fun.

Moya said...

Your dress is beautiful, Erica. I found that there's a Marni outlet at Woodbury Commons. I may try to arrange a trip with my friend Chris when he's up in September! But I still really like the H&M pieces and wish that they would be more widely available.

Marti said...

Moya- there is a bus that goes to woodbury and its cheap (and round trip) Woodbury also has a Chanel outlet which is usually picked over. The outlet at woodbury has prada, miu miu and marni. I suggest going on a week day - the weekends are a NIGHTMARE. I too am disappointed about H&M -I just found out its not ven coming out in Portland - I just wanted a coat and a dress. No way I am traveling to seattle to wait outside over night. I have seen photos of Karen Walker for Anthro and the pieces look great - though again I doubt that they will een come out here :(

erica said...

definitely try to go to woodbury commons if you can! the best thing is to befriend the marni shopgirls and find out when they're sending things to the outlet or when things are going on super markdown.

i've been wanting to go to WC for a while, but i've heard the crowds are nuts. desert hills outlet isn't nearly as crazy.