Saturday, February 25, 2012


Even though I had Monday off for Presidents' Day, this week has been a little crazy. I've a conference coming up in three weeks and the paper is currently a bunch of ideas, a series of notes and some thoughts. I can write 10 pages relatively quickly but in that same time, I also have an article due (on 1910s fashion, Progressivism, recognition, female spectacle, agency and feminine filmic and costume literacy), a chapter due (for the second book--as requested by the press that I'm hoping to place it with)--this one on the femininity and the analytical mode--and I have to finish the hopefully revisions on my first book by the end of March (these aren't substantial but there's a couple of tricky issues to untangle in the intro). So, rather than blogging, this is some of what I've been looking at over the last few days. The books I've been reading and the notes I've taken have been a little less attractive than the world of 1920s fan magazines.

And this is what I watched tonight as part of my research for the chapter.