Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Surface to Air

About two years ago, Cindy bought a pair of Surface to Air flats. I had never heard of the brand and almost squealed when I saw her grey flats with multiple straps and rose gold toe caps. Right there, I knew these were the shoes I'd been looking for. A few months later they turned up on sale at Lambs Ear in Seattle and after some discussion and thought (would they fit?) they were mine. They've turned out to be the most comfortable and beloved shoes in my closet. I wish I'd known about the brand earlier as I'd have certainly got a second pair in that style (it is not one that they've remade, more's the pity). I next purchased the classic multiple stripe wedge in black suede, which has been enormously comfortable, especially for a high heeled shoe. Then I got a gladiator flat on ridiculous markdown.

Despite my efforts at frugality, I had to go to the Surface to Air sale last week. Indeed, I was disappointed that I missed other of their sales, particularly given my continuing search for another pair of the buckled flats (for when mine finally give up the ghost) and a pair of the wedges in the leopard print--I curse the decision not to get them and a pair of blue and white oxfords I also missed (both were fall 2009 I believe). I hoped the backstock at the sale would extend that far back but a quick google search disabused me of any hopes in revealing earlier sales.

I couldn't go on the first day because of work (missing out on the $69 cork wedge sandals, alas) but I did get another pair of the strapped buckle wedges in taupe suede with a cork heel for $99 (these ran small and I sized up to 41) and the pair of open wedges in black that I wanted all summer (again $99 and this time I took a 40 as usual, but they were on the big size). The hunt for the other pairs goes on but I am happy. Now to find another pair of ankle boots and a flattish pair of shoes for winter.

Here they are:

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erica said...

lucky you! i adore surface to air's clothing for kids and women. you know i don't wear heels, so i don't even bother looking at their offerings, but Cindy's flats sound intriguing. i think one of the owners of S2A is married to one of the owners of jonathan+olivia, one of the nicer shops in toronto. small world!