Friday, November 4, 2011


I'm trying to be good. Work hard, limit my spending, focus my efforts on the books and not waste time. I'm also trying to eat better. I'm generally pretty good but the spate of fall events--from the Jewish holidays (Evan's mother is such a great baker), a few birthdays, a wedding and Halloween--have all taken their toll. Yesterday I looked at my abdomen and I was appalled. Flab is returning and Christmas is around the corner. I wore some old clothes as part of my Halloween outfit (Dina Lohan) and the silk Jill Stuart top I wore was tight--I remember never wearing it, in part because it was too dressy, in part because it quickly dated (it was part of that 1930s retro from the mid-2000s) and also because it was so big. I bought it on sale and the L was the only remaining size--the S and M both would have worked far better. No longer--if anything it is on the tight side, as in near sausage casing. I'm disgusted with myself but also frustrated. I work out, I try to eat well and I'm even trying to reduce my wheat consumption (hence a spelt scone from Whole Foods the other day that was overly sweet) but I don't feel full unless I eat some carbs. Unless I eat a ridiculously restrictive diet and work out constantly, my body doesn't want to give up this new layer of flab. And I find it tough to concentrate when I'm hungry. But that doesn't mean I splurge on brownies, bagels or fries. I eat apples, hard boiled eggs with a single slice of multigrain sour dough bread (all organic) or a few nuts.

I don't know what's going on. I fear some of it is age--past 25, 30 your body changes. As the nights start to draw in, I think I'm going to have to take some more drastic measures and try some kind of modified Atkins diet (no bacon, meat, fatty foods, but certainly restrict my carbs and fill up on vegetables and select fruits).


Amanda said...

Urgh, I feel your pain. My problem is that I oscillate between eating healthy and when work is stressing me out, I binge. I need to constantly nibble when I'm stressed. I've realized that I can't lose weight as fast anymore (almost 30!), and anything involving cheese and carbs just makes me put on weight instantaneously. I've resorted to only drinking soups and having loads of tea during winter to see if I can bring some weight down. I'm that desperate.

Marti said...

Moya - i have severly changed my diet. when I first went dairy and grain free I was hungry the first few days. I was miserable to be around but then 2-3 days in? I felt great. I tried to stay as true to the diet (and interval running as possible). Now 3 months later I have lost 7 pounds, I cheat occassionally but try to stay at least 97% dairy and grain free. its not easy but if you add in the interval running you will see results. I also completely cut out coffee - I now have only green tea or a vanilla roiboose soy tea lattes. I think if you add running you will get to a better place. Its just tough, in NYC to do that 4-6 times a week.