Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mayle Pop-Up

I visited the Mayle pop-up today with Caroline and bought a Vera coat. This is the coat featured in the poster, although the one I got was in a black tweed which is softer and draped far better. This coat runs big and is supposed to be oversized, or so I gather. But I got the size 4--I am usually an 8--as it seemed to fit a little better than the 6, although I am not sure there was that much difference in sizing.

It looks a lot like a coat from the mid-early 60s. It has a great half belt at the back and rolled sleeves (elements of Belda are also present). It felt so me that I knew I had to take it home. Quality appears comparable to older Mayle, maybe slightly less fine tailoring but not much difference.

The tie-neck dresses were not for me and I've never been one for elasticated waist tops so I'm hoping that the Alexa Chung black dress is still at Madwell.

 A full report of the pop-up will follow--the belts and bags are amazing, at least two of the coats are really great and there are some pretty blouses. Quality varies--some is better than Ten Little Indians, some comparable and other pieces not as well made. The leather pieces are beautiful. Jane also has a plain jacket/blazer which comes in multiple colorways and may be a good staple--it is reasonably priced at about $350.


jennifer said...

I love the coat that is featured on the poster. I hope you'll post pictures when you get a chance! I'm sure it looks great on you.

Moya said...

I will--Caroline took some amazing photos and I hope she'll email me a couple for the blog.

joyce said...

I'm so glad you got something you love! I have to say, the photos of the tweed blazer make it seem really tempting....And the price is far better than I assumed. Do you remember which colors there were?

Hope you have a restful Sunday.

Moya said...

I think they have them in a dark brown tweed, light grey, dark grey and possibly a camel color. I will check next time I go by. With one exception, the jackets seemed well made, like the coats.

leanne said...

Ohh - it sounds like you found something that you love! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the pop-up for us to live vicariously through. From the photos that i saw, I wasn't over impressed with many of the dresses or blouses, but the coats and belts are what excited me most. I too am tempted by the tweed blazer and would love to know your thoughts on sizing and colors. I do hope there is a camel one!

Thanks for sharing Moya - I always value your opinion on things.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.