Sunday, September 5, 2010

Barneys Warehouse Sale

As is our custom, Evan and I always hit Barneys Warehouse sale in its final days when the markdowns are high but the girls' pieces often very picked over. The men's floor is generally in much better shape--the racks are somewhat more organized, the merchandise doesn't have tears or pulls, and there is a lot more room. I'm not sure if this has something to do with the consumers or the retailer (Barneys was, of course, originally a man's store), but it makes me somewhat wistful when I head downstairs and see a well-stocked arrangement of near-pristine clothing.

I wasn't after anything in particular. I'd hoped that they might have some boots but nothing in my size (40-40 1/2) was wearable. Some pretty heels but at 5+ inches, they were more ornamental than anything else. I'd hoped to find some dresses, maybe Jeffrey Monteiro, Phillip Lim or some cheap Marni, but that was not to be. I saw one beaten up Phillip Lim dress, two old and worn out looking JM dresses and a few tops, but even had they been in my size, I wouldn't have wanted any of it. I did snag one thing--a blue and white Acne shirt--which was just $23. I would have dug deeper into the jeans pile (after the markdown, they were all around $20) but there was so little in my size and you really need a mirror to buy jeans and I couldn't face jostling with 20 or so other girls to get a glimpse of my reflection.

Evan had more luck. Two pairs of pants, a linen shirt and a blue Aretha Franklin t-shirt (which seemed to be his favorite find)--all for $49. All in all, we did pretty well. Not as good as the JM red slouch dress and purple Phillip Lim dress I got for less than $150 combined last time, but we're happy.


joyce said...

Sometimes it takes restrain to feel victorious. I only bought 2 things at the sale and felt very proud (though there really wasn't much there to interest me in the first place). It shows you're not buying just for the sake of it.

Moya said...

Exactly my thoughts, Joyce. I saw women dragging heavy garbage bags full of clothes around, pulling items off hangers as though it was a contest to see who could grab the most and get it for free. A lot of the stock was damaged and old--being in the sale, let alone in stores and warehouses will do that. They had a look of victory on their faces but would have been better off saving their money for the few pieces they actually wanted.

I am happy with my shirt. I like it, will wear it and it is in perfect condition.