Thursday, September 9, 2010


If this is how the beginning of the semester feels, I don't know how I'm going to feel at the end. I'm teaching an overload--and tomorrow have no time off between 10 am-6.10 p.m. I just got home and am finishing the syllabus for the second class I teach tomorrow. I don't have time to xerox it in school so I have to print it out at home tonight. I just got in and have to eat.

It was cool today (and with the a/c at NYU, positively frigid). I wore my monogram clogs, a pair of toothpick J. Crew cords in an almost identical color and a loose ivory and grey patterned silk Club Monaco shirt and a boyfriend cashmere cardi in light brown. It wasn't the summery start to the semester I'd expected!

Alyssa and I may be going to Fashion's Night Out tomorrow--that is, if I am still awake at 6.10! I think I need to go to Madewell just in case any of the Alexa Chung sneaked in early. Still, if there is nothing I want, that's more for Mayle...


erica said...

a teaching overload sounds lovely right about now. it looks like i'm going to be 'un-hired' due to unexpectedly low enrollment.

no mayle for me, alas. i like your outfit, it's the right mix of casual and polished for your class. i wish J Crew pants fit me well, but the toothpicks are too baggy above the knee no matter how much i size down. the alexa chung stuff is cute, i hope the quality is good. i love the iris blouse especially.

Moya said...

I am so sorry, Erica. That totally sucks--is there any way to recruit students and boost enrollment?