Thursday, June 5, 2014

More Madewell

Madewell seems to have stepped up their game recently, which is perhaps the reason why there haven't been any coupon codes available since I've filled up my basket with items from my wishlist. I tried the white and black dress on the other day while I was on campus and it wasn't so hot--the white fabric is just a bit too much like sheeting and the dress is huge (so much so that a S or even XS might work on me). But I saw a few other pieces that I'm stalking, waiting for at least some of them to go on sale (and hopefully for a 30-40% off coupon although I suspect that's a while off). Madewell doesn't have the same amount of codes as J. Crew and the one currently available is only for swim, something I don't need right now.

This just came in and just as quickly went on sale. I'm not usually a fan of hippyesque items but this style of blouse appeals right now (I already have the navy/white stripe one from Madewell) and am sorely tempted by this one even without a coupon code.

Another reduced item I really like. Pros--it's a shape that works on my body right now, I love the embroidery, the colour is great, it's cotton-linen. Cons--some reviewers point out that it pulls on over the head and that the opening isn't wide. Hoping for a coupon code (chances are, I'm not going to have any luck) as I can see this one being a staple. Along with the top above, I'm really tempted to bite the bullet but I want to be good with money as I'd love another baby more than any dress.

My third reduced item. Love the colour--but do I need three such tops? I definitely need something in this red, however! And all would be good with my still bloated post-baby body.

Pros--perfect linen blouse for summer. Cons--it's white linen (there's a red which is even better but it isn't available in my size--L--as it's sold out). It's also not on sale and I know that perfect white tops turn ugly yellow very quickly regardless of how often you launder them or how they are washed.


leanne said...

Hi Moya - have you tried using your school ID in store for a discount? They give a student discount (much like J Crew) and are pretty lenient with faculty and staff IDs as well ..

Moya said...

I have--they offer an educator discount (unlike Club Monaco and Topshop where it's student only). I just don't have time to shop these days and end up buying online as a result.

leanne said...

I totally understand! I live a couple blocks away from all of the retail in Georgetown and never seem to be able to make it to the stores.

Moya said...

It's not so easy when you have a small child or children in tow, as you know. How are you coping on holiday without the stroller?