Thursday, January 16, 2014

Some Resolutions

Briefly and belatedly, I'm vowing to try the following this year.

Cut the carbs down to below 100g a day--or lower. With prediabetes a reality, I'm hoping I can still stave off the almost inevitable type 2 diagnosis (thank you, genes). If I can get rid of the extra chub I'm carrying thanks to my poor response to carbs, that's all the better.

Stop buying cheap items at Club Monaco and Zara just because they are on sale and look nice on the size zero model. I've not done this particularly often but it's a habit to curb, particularly if I ever want to replace my Fiorentini + Baker boots that cracked during my postpartum foot swelling last year. They rarely/never go on sale and aren't that cheap but I bet I have spent more on bargain postnatal clothes intended (and needed) for a short, messy time only.

Manage my time better so I can get that second sample chapter and third proposal in and hopefully secure that second and third book contract. I'm so often tired/sleep deprived or playing with my delightful 1 year old but there has to be good and as yet underutilised work time out there.

I've other hopes/plans/dreams for this year but they are somewhat more reliant on others/science/fate/luck whereas these resolutions are a little more under my control.

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Marti said...

All excellent ones! And I am with you on the cheap clothes :)