Monday, January 27, 2014


Now that he's approaching 13 months, little Severin is in the midst of another period of rapid changes. About ten days ago, he stood up unsupported and while these moments were brief and very shaky, they have become more stable and of longer duration. He can now stand for about a minute and has started walking--moving from single shuffles to about eight or nine fairly confident steps. While he's reluctant to feed himself, he will now help himself to blueberries and even pop them in my mouth. His fine motor skills are still developing so more berries miss their mark and end up on the floor or in his high chair, but it's yet another sign of his growing independence. 

With his recent growth spurt, he's now mainly in 18-24 month old clothes so we're getting to the end of baby sizes. As small boys' clothing is often ugly and overly masculine (sports, baby businessmen, ugly combat trousers, yucky logos and slogans), I'm going to have to look even harder for nice items. Frugi and Boden are reliable but a little pricey and Boden's baby items go up to 3 years, which is even better. He's also extremely fortunate in having family friends who knit for him and their hand knits are beautiful.


Marti said...

awe. enjoy this time. and pull everything out of reach!

joyce said...

Such a handsome fellow!