Saturday, December 15, 2012

Past Due

Yesterday was my due date. As scheduled, I went into NYU and taught my final class, met with a grad student, had office hours, saw a few other students, walked down to Soho and did what may be some of the very last window shopping I'll do in a while, and caught the subway home. It was a full day (10-6:30) and one that started with some anxiety--would this baby make his appearance in class or on a crowded subway? Early on, every pain and twinge seemed more significant than it turned out to be--I even wondered at one point if I was about to have my waters break. But as soon as I got home I started to relax---I was not going into labour in the classroom after all.

Instead, I'm now fighting exhaustion when I should be grading although there are precious few early papers to grade before that due date in the middle of next week.

Thanks to two of my amazing students, this baby has his first designer outfit (they wisely bought it for a 12 month old so he'll get more wear out of it). He has a beautiful Stella McCartney Kids sweater and matching knit pants. I am so lucky to teach such generous and kind people.


Marti said...

Moy I know how anxious you are. I pray that its easy and safe. Most 1st babies are late - Max was early though he was and still is impatient!! my thoughts are with you.

Brittan said...

So much love from me and Taso! I know everything will go smoothly and you will be a wonderful mother. Best of luck through these last few days of waiting and, of course, for the big day! It will be over before you know it and you'll be holding your perfect boy. :)