Monday, December 17, 2012

Maternity Wear

Now that I'm sitting waiting for baby to arrive, I'm thinking back over what ended up being my pregnancy style, although that might be somewhat of a euphemism. I bought just one item (a pair of gap skinny maternity jeans, one size too big as it happened) so everything ended up being rather ad hoc. For the summer, the loose dresses, often trapeze cut, that I already had in my wardrobe played the greatest role. Some were cheap (a linen gap dress from when they had the European limited edition collection, the Marni H&M frocks, an old Uniqlo collaboration dress and their plaid one from Philip Lim and a couple of oldies from Topshop and H&M), others not so much (several Mayle silk dresses, an Isabel Marant mainline frock, several Rachel Comey and Steven Alan dresses and the long sleeved Lyell linen dress with pin tucks and a Peter Pan collar).

While I was in England I was still small enough to get away with a skirt (teamed with loose blouses) but those were left at home as I realized maternity and skirts don't work. Instead, the gap jeans took on a bigger presence in my wardrobe even as they remained--and remain--slightly too big. In the fall, I wore them with flats, now with my increasingly battered Fiorentini & Baker boots that sadly need to be replaced.

Dresses continue to play a role, now with a couple of thick loose fit Lutz and Patmos sweaters or a thick cashmere cardigan from Club Monaco. Basically it's the sweaters with loose cut shirts from Steven Alan, Mayle, Madewell and the jeans/boots or a dress with the same sweaters and either boots and leggings or tights and often a cashmere hat and my Tocca navy swing coat. Surprisingly I realized that this hodgepodge has coalesced into something resembling a style.

Frustratingly I'm now finding other items that work for me even though I have just days left before I deliver, and wonder if I'll end up sticking with these pieces in the sure to be tiring days ahead. If I am fortunate enough to have another baby, I know I what to turn to. In the meantime, the thought of wearing skirts again is very appealing and I just hope the ones I have here are indeed going to fit. I have no idea what my body will be like after delivery and am very much living in the moment right now.


Margaret said...

hi moya, joyce recommended i contact you about how to post some items on community closet sale. you can private message me via margaretborden at yahoo if that's easiest. thank you!

erica said...

your maternity style sounds a lot like mine. leggings, dresses, sweaters and loose tops.

your swing coat will probably come in handy in the coming months when you have baby in a wrap or sling and want to go out for a walk.

fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly for you. i find that keeping track of baby movement helps pass the time and is also immensely useful...

erica said...

i hope this note finds you well, moya!